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Wyoming is kicking off the annual Stagecoach Days Parade

Saturday September 14th, 2019 at 10am. 

Here are some specifics you might want to know about the parade:

September 14th, 2019

Step-off is at 10am. Line-up begins at 8:30am.

Completed entry forms must be received by Monday September, 8th.

Entry fee $20.00

Political candidates must register as their own unit and not under their political party.

Non-profit organizations, royalty and horse clubs may enter a unit free-of-charge.

ALL units distributing any type of paper without monetary value must pay an additional $65 fee (fee is a pre-paid to cover clean-up expenses after parade)

All units or groups should have a general liability policy covering activities. If you have proof of an existing general liability policy it MUST be attached with the entry form.

 Every group/unit must agree to the WAIVER OF LIABILITY 

Those registered will receive specific route information, including a map with parking locations and a line-up number prior to September 15th.

PLEASE NOTE: ANY candy or giveaways must be done FROM THE GROUND LEVEL and NOT thrown from the float by participants.

Entry Fee (choose the one that best fits your organization)


WAIVER OF LIABILITY [ ] Attached here is proof of general liability coverage for the unit/float/group submitting an entry request on the reverse side of this form.


I, as an authorized representative of the named organization of the entry on the reverse side of this page and named below (“Organization”), and on behalf of the Organization, its officers, employees, and agents, and assigns, hereby release the Stagecoach Days Committee from any liability for claims, injuries, deaths, or property damage sustained by Organization, its officers, employees, agents or assigns, in conjunction with the Wyoming Stagecoach Days Parade 2019, regardless of the cause of those claims, injuries, death, or damages. On behalf of the Organization, I expressly release and discharge the Wyoming Stageco ach Days Committee, and their agents, officers, and employees, from any such claims, injuries, death, or property damage.

We also agree that all parade participants of below-noted organization will be informed the authorized representative/signer of the organization of all rules and restrictions for participation in above said parade and understand that failing to follow said rules and restrictions may restrict future participation in the parade by our organization. 

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    Your spot in the 2019 Wyoming Stagecoach Days parade will not be reserved until payment is received (if applicable).

    Please make your check payable to:
    Wyoming Stagecoach Celebration

    Then mail it to:
    P.O. Box 188
    7665 Wyoming Trail
    Wyoming, MN  55092