Wyoming Stagecoach Days Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt Clues

  • We Have a Winner! Open or Close


    The Stagecoach was found this morning at 7:45am by Heidi Cooper (mom), Evan Cooper (14), Addie Cooper (10) and Isaiah Cooper (7) 

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  • Clue #5 Open or Close

    A roar from the place is what you will hear, so come find me today the end is near.

    (Stagecoach was found before this clue was published)

  • Clue #4 Open or Close

    Round and round my friends go, wait for them to stop before you undergo.

  • Clue #3 Open or Close

    My location is west of a lake with a name, oh potatoes were originally my claim to fame.

  • Clue #2 Open or Close

    If a doctor is what you will soon think, try again cause comfort is not what you should seek.

  • Clue #1 Open or Close

    Improve your community is the core of who we should be, hope you bought your button before you came looking for me.

  • Clues Start Monday, Sept. 5th! Open or Close

    Find the Stagecoach and and receive a $250 (with a button)! 

    Check back each morning at 8:00 am for a new clue.


Stagecoach Days!

September 9th through the 11th, 2016

Wyoming, Minnesota's Annual Celebration

Check back and find out more about this year's Stagecoach Days!

Wyoming Stagecoach Days is an annual community event in Wyoming, MN that's held in September and features unique vendors, arts and crafts, and a LARGE music venue.

About Wyoming, MN...

The first settler's arrived in 1855 from Pennsylvania and it was named Wyoming because it reminded them of the Wyoming Valley back home. 

Wyoming was the first stop on the stagecoach route from Rice Street in St. Paul to Duluth.  In the 1860’s, travelers to Duluth stopped here for the night and the stagecoach horses were changed.  By 1915, Wyoming had a weekly newspaper, the Wyoming Enterprise.  It was published by Wyoming booster S. D. Pierce, and on its masthead was this unabashed motto: Published in a Live Growing Town That Has a Bright Future in View.  Four hundred people lived here then. One of the advertisers was First State Bank Wyoming, which is still in business.

The Wyoming Stagecoach Days Celebration
is coordinated by the members of the Wyoming Fire Relief Association